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My Review of Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap — 27 Comments

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    • Hi Furkan, thanks for getting in touch! The batteries should last a bit longer than that, around a year 🙂 thanks Sean

  4. This is a really cool device and pretty genius by whoever invented this. I do see one main issue.

    I was always under the impression you either have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. I always thought it was one or the other for how your cat lives. Does this device change the game and the way your cat is allowed to live?

    • Hi Kurtis, thanks for your comment. If you wanted to have an indoor cat, then there would be no need for a microchip cat flap, obviously 🙂 If you have a cat you would like to keep indoors and another you let outside, then I would recommend the Sureflap Dualscan cat flap, which scans your pet both ways through the microchip cat flap. Here’s my review for the Sureflap Dualscan cat flap http://topcatflaps.co.uk/sureflap-dualscan-cat-flap/ 🙂 Thanks Sean

    • Hi Eric, thanks for getting in touch. Yeah, these microchip cat flaps are great! The Sureflap microchip cat flap is probably the most popular on the market. Sureflap have such great customer service and microchip cat flaps offer pets such great freedom and safety! Thanks Sean

  5. Hi thanks for sharing this great review. This is a fantastic invention. Hats off to the designer. My wife has been wanting to get another kitten to join our cat we have had for years. This fixes my issue straight away as I didn’t want to restrict my cat from going outside until the kitten was ready, this is perfect. Thanks again

  6. WOW!! I am a cat owner and all of them are chipped and I have never heard of this product and had no idea anything like this existed! I think that people tend to forget how devastating it can be to many people to lose a pet. My cats are indoor cats and I worry all of the time that my kids are going to leave a door open and let them out and I may or may not ever see them again. This product is amazing and although we can’t ever predict everything, this takes some of that fear off. Thank you for sharing this information and I love this product!

    • Hi Tatiana, glad to see you can see how great these microchip cat flaps are and well done on getting your cats microchipped! I personally am all about letting cats outside where possible and these microchip cat flaps allow that but still with the safety that your cat can get in at any time, but strays are kept out. Thanks Sean

  7. The top is cut off just to let you know but other than that this post is very informative. It is a lot of information though and I do not have the time to read it all but of what I read it was a good post. I enjoyed it, thank you so much for creating this.

  8. This is a pretty cool idea. I used to live in a city where cats were everywhere and some residents complained about stray cats going inside their homes and made a mess everywhere. I wish this technology existed then.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Udoh, the benefits of these microchip cat flaps are real! Stray cats can be a real annoyance and this Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap is a great microchip cat flap, thanks Sean

  9. What e revolutionary way for a cat to use a cat flap. The old manual style ones were no good at stopping stray cats coming through, which happened when we last had a cat flap. But this digital version seams the perfect answer so as to be used by your cat only.

  10. I never knew there was such a device as a cat flap! Much better than a dog door! But it looks so small. Can cats actually get through it? The one in the video didn’t look like he could fit!

  11. I’ve already got a cat flap in a double glazed door. The glaziers made a rectangle hole to fit the rubbish cat flap they fitted, we keep getting strays in so want a microchip one. Should they have made a round hole in the glass instead of rectangle, as all the different makes of cat flaps state a diameter glass cut out size?? I’ll be really annoyed if they have cut it out wrong, as now we can’t seem to find any cat flap that would fit! Thanks

    • Hi Jo, thanks for getting in touch. There should be no issue with a rectangular hole as long as the microchip cat flap can fit through it, so check the dimensions of the hole against the microchip cat flap. One thing that might be an issue is that the holes in your double glazed door might not line up with the screw holes of your new microchip cat flap. Hope that helps! Thanks Sean

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