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My Review of Sureflap DualScan Cat Flap — 19 Comments

  1. Ok, I don’t have cats, but I do have two dogs with microchips. This is an awesome idea! Do you know if this can be used for dogs? Mine are both very small. If not, do you know if they make something like this for dogs? I really love this idea and would love to have something like this for my furry pets 🙂

  2. Hi Sean!
    Thanks for doing a review on the dual scan cat flap. I was watching a video about a week ago about a product like this and it looked like a pretty cool thing to have. I don’t have a cat, but this would something I would consider if I did have one.

  3. I don’t have a use for one of these devices right now, but they sure are neat!! What will they think of next? So my questions are: Is this microchip inside the cat? You do it at the vet I guess? And also is there a meter so you know how good the batteries are in the flap so you can replace them when necessary? How do you ‘set’ the device? Do you hook it up to a laptop and USB or is there a little control panel you use on the device? I saw the video and that one little button on it. Is that it?

  4. Hi Sean. We have two older cats who can come and go as they wish through the current Sureflap microchip catflap. We also are blessed with four ‘outdoor’ kittens who often find their way into the house! These fellows I would like to be able to leave under their own steam but not re-enter through the cat flap. I understand the dual scan can be programmed for one way only, i.e entry only but not exit, my question is can it be programmed for some cats to have exit only but not re-entry. Thanks. Phil

  5. In October this year, because we were going away for a week & friends & family were going to be popping in to feed our cat, we had a Sureflap cat-flap fitted about one week prior to our trip. Our cat, who had never used a cat-flap previously, got used to it really quickly. Since then all has gone very smoothly. That is until yesterday! Another neighbourhood cat has fathomed out a way to gain access through the flap even though it is only ever programmed to let Otis in. I spotted the other cat managing to claw the flap open from the outside (pulling the flap towards him/herself). I honestly thought this would be impossible to do but he/she claws it all the way to the roof of the tunnel & then once his / her head is in the tunnel that keeps the flap open until the cat is indoors. I am really disappointed as I believed that this cat flap would only permit my cat indoors.
    How might the Dualscan version differ? Would clever cats still be able to use our visitor’s trick?

    • Hi Rose! Sorry to hear about your crafty neighbourhood cat sneaking into your home! I think the DualScan would solve this problem, because the door is locked both ways, so the other cat would not be able to open the door towards or away from them. The Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap, as you well know, only locks the door being pushed in. An alternative to getting a DualScan Microchip Cat Flap would be to use the manual four way locking, but that would defeat the object of having a microchip cat flap. Thank you for letting me know about this, very interesting and informative! Sean

  6. The dual scan version of this Catflap develops many faults. I am on my second one within a few months and this morning it was clicking on and off without a cat in sight. Discovered the batteries were low – but battery indicator did not show.

    I always use Duracell batteries.

    The previous flap that I returned within a week developed this fault almost immediately.

    At present I am stuck with this product since it is the only multi-cat microchip product on the market and I need to keep one of my cats (the kitten) in.

    • Hi buncers, thank you for sharing this, it’s very useful to know. If I find another cat flap that scans both ways, I will let you know and happy Xmas! Sean

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