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My Review of Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap — 24 Comments

  1. Oh. My. Word! What a BRILLIANT idea! This is the first time I’ve heard of a microchip cat flap. And it can be fitted on glass doors! Fantastic! Finally, a solution to our problem. We must be giving our cat tasty food because when we get up during the night there’s invariably another cat, sometimes two, in the house with ours. The amazing thing is she seems to invite them in! Oftentimes we’ve found her lazing around on the couch with her mates. It’s a wonder she doesn’t switch on the TV and fetch them a drink while she’s at it. My only concern though, should we restrict access, will we be ruining her social life?

    • Hi Lauren, thanks for getting in touch! Yeah well if you ever get bored of feeding two or three cats then a microchip cat flap will definitely help! You can always set it to unlock and let visitors in, if your cat’s social life does suffer 🙂 thanks Sean

  2. This is incredible. If my pets go out a lot I don’t have to worry about constantly checking if they are back or not. Then the best part is that they can enter and other animals can’t. This is truly a gem of a product for us pet lovers. Thanks.

  3. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this but it is a brilliant idea! I have heard nightmare stories from friends who have cats that have a regular cat flap who have found other cats or even different animals in their house so I can see how important this is!!!

  4. Sean,
    This is such a great item if you have outdoor/indoor cats. My wife is a cat lover but she has always had indoor cats that do not show any interest in going outside. My neighbor has a cat that wonders in our yard all the time. I am going to talk with him about the microchip cat flap.

    Amazing product. Thank you for the great review,


  5. This is a super review, didn’t realise there was a 3 year guarantee – that’s a great help and gives me reassurance that it works. The micro-chip idea is fantastic, did not even realise these products were available until i came to your site, thanks for all the useful information also on installing through your videos, thanks for sharing and showing how it’s done

    • Hi Michael, thanks for getting in touch. Glad to see you got some value out of this and the three year guarantee definitely gives piece of mind to whoever buys it. Thanks Sean

  6. Never heard of this gadget but if it can keep your pets safe I’m all for it. Very interesting but I think it can help a lot of people feel at ease if they let their cats out. Back in the day cats used to roam rampant in my hometown but they would come home at night. Now, it seems people keep their cats in doors a lot. Not sure why but could be because of the dangers that we didn’t know about in the past. I had a friend who had a cat that climbed into a truck engine at night to keep warm. The guy started the engine in the morning and it wasn’t a pretty picture. I felt sad for the little guy. If the cat had been indoors it wouldn’t of happened. I like this new gadget!

    • Hi David, good to hear from you! I’m a believer that cats should be allowed outdoors, even if there are unfortunate accidents like the one you mentioned, but they’re animals not toys and are meant to be outside. Microchip cat flaps like this one, give that freedom, but also help keep your cat safe as well. Thanks Sean

  7. This is a great device for the family pet. I like it because of the controlled entry so there won’t be a problem with strays. I think pets would like the freedom of going and coming. Thanks for the information.

  8. What a clever product! Thanks for writing the review, I’ve never heard of such a thing until now. I think this would be helpful in both urban and rural locations too. It’s great to see such a novel application of the technology used. Thanks again for sharing!

  9. I’ve purchased one of these to replace our existing cat flap. Our cat flap is set in glass patio doors, it was cut and installed professionally – to replace the unit will I need a professional or can they be popped in and out?

    • Hi Hannah, I think as long as the Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap can fit inside the hole you already have this shouldn’t be too much of an issue and you could probably do this yourself. Thanks Sean

  10. Just a question. If I set curfew mode for sat 8pm and my cat is still out would he be able to come back in if he came back at 9pm? Or would he be locked out?
    This would be ideal for me as I often work late

    • Hi Sabrina, yes you can set the Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap so it is ‘in only’ for a set period of time. This would allow your cat to go out before 8pm, but they would only be able to come in after that time. Hope that helps! Thanks Sean

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