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Learning to use your Microchip Cat Flap — 11 Comments

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    • Hi Arturo, great to hear from you! Yeah if you are thinking of getting a cat or a small dog, microchip cat flaps are a great way to give them freedom and help keep them safe, thanks Sean

  4. Technology is improving, glad to see it helping out owners and their cats. I have a friend who always walks to the door at night when his cat is scratching at it or makes vocal tones. This product may come in handy for him, especially the sound the microchip cat flap makes when his cat enters. The option for it to lock is awesome as well.

    • Hi Damian, thanks for getting in touch! Haha yeah a microchip cat flap is definitely useful if you have to keep getting up and opening the door to let your cat in! Thanks Sean

  5. Hi Sean,

    I enjoyed your site. I didn’t realize door flaps for cats were available. I love that you set up the microchip cat flap to allow only your cat to go through keeping stray cats out or other little critters.

    This is a great product for cat lovers. I have a cat but my grandson doesn’t want her to go out.

    Great post!

    • Hi Rosa, thank you for getting in touch! Glad you enjoyed this post. I would suggest you and your grandson rethink letting your cat outside, they love roaming around! Thanks again, Sean

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