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How to Set Up A Microchip Cat Flap — 15 Comments

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  8. Hey!

    Very nice and informative article you made! I really enjoyed reading this – tons of useful information with tons of videos to go with. Again, great job!
    It’s super convenient for people, because you don’t have to open the door every time when your cat wants to go outside or back home.

    • Hi Daumantas, good to hear from you and that’s nice of you to say! I agree, microchip cat flaps are very useful, letting your cat come in and out of your house while you are somewhere else, thanks Sean

  9. Very nice information for us who have been considering getting one of these. Me I would have put it in and been mad if it didn’t quite work out right. Thanks for the information. One question. Is there a limit to how many pets can use this device?

    • Hi Ronnie, nice of you to say and great to hear from you. You can register up to 30 pets with most of these microchip cat flaps, so enough for everyone basically! Sean

  10. We have a Petsave microchip cat flap. Having recently moved house and resited it we are unable to set it,just flaps open from both sides. Any advice please

    • Hi Richard, so you have a Petsafe microchip cat flap and you have moved it to your new home and it won’t lock? I’ve heard other people having similar problems. I would contact Petsafe about this and possibly replace the microchip cat flap with one from another brand like Sureflap. Hope that helps, thanks Sean

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