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Cat Flap Installation in Wooden Door or uPVC Door — 27 Comments

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  5. The cat flap looks great! I’m gonna need something like this for my Travel Trailer. Your cat surely looked curious then finally made it through! Too cute! Great video and post!

  6. Great information. How do these seal for weather? Are they pretty air tite? I was wondering if they would let heat out or cold in. Great idea for a cat to be able to go and come when they please.

    • Hi Larry, thanks for getting in touch! Yeah. the frame of the microchip cat flaps seals really well against the (big) door and the microchip cat flap door seals well inside the microchip cat flap frame. Obviously, a little microchip cat flap door isn’t going to insulate as well as a thick door. But this is a pretty minor thing, you’re not going to notice it! Thanks Sean

  7. Hi
    Thanks for the video on installing That is great idea on placing putty to stick on door and then mark out cat flap. I installed one before at my old place and mark it out wrong it ended costing me a new door when I moved. I will be watching for any new videos you put up you have some great tips.
    Gary Smith

    • Hi Kate, good to hear from you! Cats and dogs can use microchip cat flaps, just make sure to check the sizes of the microchip cat flaps you’re looking at! Microchip cat flaps are safer than conventional cat flaps, but always make sure you think about a safe place to put your cat flap, like a back door, out of view or through a brick wall. Hope that answers your question, thanks Sean

  8. Nice article. You talked about the microchip pet door. Please, what exactly is the use of the ‘microchip’? How does it function? Thanks

    • Hi Ben, great question! Cats and other pets can have a microchipped inserted between their shoulder blades and can be used to identify them if they are lost. Microchip cat flaps do the same, scan your cat’s microchip and let your cat in, but keep other cats out. Hope that answers your question, thanks Sean

  9. Great tutorial and adding a video was very helpful. I recently moved into a new place and will have to fit a flap for my two cats to get outside. Their main coons so I’ll have to fit a slightly bigger door.

    Thanks for the pointers.

    • Hi Jean, great to hear from you and yeah Maine Coons are obviously bigger cats so make sure to check the sizes and get a larger microchip cat flap, thanks Sean

    • Hi Daniel, good to hear from you and glad to hear you got some useful information from this cat flap installation in a wooden door post! Thanks Sean

  10. Wow, a lot of good information that I did not know. I didn’t know how involved this really is, especially with the microchip idea. Awesome content, and I really enjoyed the video. I look forward to other articles on your site.

  11. I’m not very handy when it comes to stuff like this. I know you’ve got some links about finding a local person to do this, but just curious, what’s the ballpark cost to get one of these guys installed? I live in the suburbs and would like to have an easier way to let the fur ball in and out, but not sure how easy it will be from an overall cost perspective…

    • Hi Craig, great to hear from you! I would day it would depend on a few factors but in UK it would cost from £50 up for a cat flap to be fitted into a wooden or uPVC door. Hope that helps, thanks Sean

  12. Hi Sean,

    Great post mate! I didn’t know catflaps were so involved. And they have chips now too. What a great idea. How do they go with heat and cold? Are they fairly airtight when closed? I guess you wouldn’t really notice it too much.

    I will have to look at putting one in. Your cat looked very curious before making the leap haha! Well done,


    • Hi Kev, thanks for commenting and for your nice words as well. Yeah more and more pets are getting microchipped to identify them. In U.K., it’s the law to have you dog chipped. The chip helps identify them if they become lost 🙂 I haven’t experienced any issues with temperature changes. They’re made of plastic so should be ok and the good ones have draft proof seals, thanks Sean

  13. Hi Sean,
    Interesting things here and practical tips who are very useful. I have also 3 cats and was wondering if a Cat flap is a good idea? So here i found some interesting tips.

    • Hi Philip thanks for getting in touch. I think microchip cat flaps can be great! They let your cat come and go as they please, but stop stray cats from entering your home. I can imagine it can be quite annoying if you’re constantly having to let your three cats in and out! Thanks Sean

  14. Hi, Sean!
    I usually see homes with the Cat Flap but never thought of doing it myself. I think the microchip cat flap sounds like a wonderful idea.

    Thanks to the video which I watched until it was finished, I thought I would attempt to do it myself.You did such a neat job. Looks like the cat needed a little motivation to go through the Cat Flap.

    Is it more difficult to install the Cat Flap in a glass door?
    Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Luna, thanks for getting in touch and glad you enjoyed the post and the video! Glass is a bit more difficult and I would recommend getting a professional glazer unless you have experience yourself. Thanks Sean

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