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Cat Flap Installation in Glass Door — 16 Comments

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  6. Regarding Cat Flap Man’s video for a cat flap installation in glass window:

    The door in the video appears to be aluminium framed. But beware, a great many double glazed doors have uPVC frames which are comparatively flexible. For this reason they are designed to be diagonally braced by the glazing to prevent the door from “dropping”. To achieve this plastic packers should be wedged into place along both edges of the glazing in two corners of the glazing – the bottom corner nearest the door hinge and the diagonally opposite corner.

    This critical information is not made clear in the video. In fact it is misleading 54 – 59 seconds in where packers are slipped in the wrong corner and near the centre of the bottom edge of the window.

  7. Helpful article and the video was informative as well. Installing a door that works with your pets existing microchip is genius. If anyone is concerned about other critters getting into your home with your manual pet flap, this is a great idea and necessary for safety. Will look into. Thanks!

  8. Hi Sean,

    As a cat and dog owner myself I found this post extremely useful. The video definitely makes it clear and within my grasp. Just a question when installing them into the wall, the video showed what appeared to be a metal shroud on the outside when the job was finished. Is this a custom made part or an option to buy when purchasing the door?

    Much appreciated,

    • Hi Adam, glad to hear from you. Do you mean the wall installation video? If you are installing your cat flap into a brick wall, then you will need what’s called a tunnel extender, because of the depth of the wall. Tunnel extenders are easily available and they just fit in between the ends of the cat flap in the hole in the wall. I go into this in more detail in this post, http://topcatflaps.co.uk/cat-flap-install-brick-wall/. Hope that helps! Thanks Sean

  9. Wow! I’ve never heard of such a thing but it is ingenious. I will have to figure out where to get one in Canada. Thanks for such an informative article.

    • Hi Ray,

      My apologies if I have used an image that is on your website. Care is taken to ensure that images shown have permission gained. Please let me know which images are from your website.



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