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Cat Flap Installation in a Brick Wall — 25 Comments

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  5. Does a cat flap installation in a brick wall need a lintel installing? How far away from the edge of the wall does it need to be placed? It’s a solid wall (no cavity). We are moving soon and a cat flap into the wall looks like the best option for us. Any advice gratefully received.

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for getting in touch! No, you don’t need to buy two cat flaps. The cat flap you buy comes with two covers and you put them one inside and one outside whatever door or wall you have the cat flap. You would need to buy tunnel extenders to go in the hole in the wall. Hope that answers your question 🙂 thanks Sean

  6. I need to instal a dog flap in my kitchen wall for my cocker spaniel & large cat to share, any advice please? Thanks, Maggie

  7. Hi there I need to order two cat flaps one that will lead from an internal room through the wall to outside and one that will lead from the same room into another internal room though an internal wall.
    Please could you recommend the best cat flaps to buy?

  8. I need a cat flap with a tunnel installed in a brick wall.

    Bridgwater Somerset Area.

    Fitters and Numbers Please.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi David, thanks for getting in touch. Try Jeff’s Odd Jobs & Handyman Services, phone number is 07703 342434, let me know what you think! Thanks Sean

  9. Hi Sean,

    I’m looking for a cat flap with a tunnel to be installed in a brick wall (with cavity).

    Amersham, Bucks area.

    Fitters and numbers please ideal.

    Many Thanks

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