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Find Cat Flap Fitters in Your Area — 19 Comments

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  6. Does anyone know of a cat flap fitter near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire who can install through a wall who isn’t Springfield Developments?

    • Hi, I am curious to know why not Springfield Developments as I think they are the ones that cover my area too (Wiltshire).

  7. Hi Sean.

    I was informed of your website by Phil of Four Paws Doors who suggested that I should seek listing as a cat flap and dog door fitter. My details are:

    Fitter: Pet Flap South East

    Areas: Walls, doors and glass across large parts of Kent, Surrey and Sussex within a reasonable distance from Edenbridge.

    Email: info@petflap-southeast.co.uk

    Website: https://www.petflap-southeast.co.uk

    I am a recommended fitter on the Sureflap website as well as others.



  8. Hi,
    I’m trying to find fitter for microchip ina composite door in Glasgow. All I can find is Springfield Development but they have some terrible reviews. Can you recommend anyone else?

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