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Find Cat Flap Fitters in Your Area — 35 Comments

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  6. Does anyone know of a cat flap fitter near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire who can install through a wall who isn’t Springfield Developments?

    • Hi, I am curious to know why not Springfield Developments as I think they are the ones that cover my area too (Wiltshire).

  7. Hi Sean.

    I was informed of your website by Phil of Four Paws Doors who suggested that I should seek listing as a cat flap and dog door fitter. My details are:

    Fitter: Pet Flap South East

    Areas: Walls, doors and glass across large parts of Kent, Surrey and Sussex within a reasonable distance from Edenbridge.

    Email: info@petflap-southeast.co.uk

    Website: https://www.petflap-southeast.co.uk

    I am a recommended fitter on the Sureflap website as well as others.



  8. Hi,
    I’m trying to find fitter for microchip ina composite door in Glasgow. All I can find is Springfield Development but they have some terrible reviews. Can you recommend anyone else?

  9. Hi – can anyone actually recommend Springfield Developments for installation into brick? I can’t find these terrible reviews they apparently have…

    • Hi Carly, thanks for getting in touch! Springfield Developments are on Sureflap’s recommended fitters list, which means Sureflap have seen positive reviews, but are not responsible for cat flap fitter, regards Sean

  10. I need a catflap installed into a brick wall, can’t find any in Lanarkshire! In fact can’t find any in the whole of Scotland – surely not!,

  11. Hi there, I’m looking to fit a cat flap through a brick wall in North Manchester – any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks

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